How to set up BGP with bird2?

How to set up BGP with bird2? Print

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Fist, You need get server bgp info.

Open Product Detail

find Example Bird Configuration, such as:

Then, You need paste it in your bird config file.

When we want to announce an IP, here is an example of 2a10:cc44:15f::/48

define myV6Prefix=[
protocol static v6{
route 2a10:cc44:15f::/48 reject;
template bgp yxvm {
local as 49304;
neighbor as 49304;
ipv4 {
import none;
export none;
ipv6 {
import none;
export filter { if net ~ myV6Prefix then accept; };
protocol bgp yxvmv6 from yxvm {
neighbor fe80::6eb3:11ff:fe5e:132e%eth0;


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